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Speak Version 2.0

Speak Version 2.0

Note From The Founder

We had a big UI update this week! As we’ve had more users join our application we’ve been getting some incredible feedback.

Some of the feedback that has stuck out most has been the organization of media files. It is easy when you only have a few audio and video files but as your library builds organizing and accessing the information you need becomes extremely important.

Originally, we had the list of media files besides the video and audio file you opened up to focus on. This was great for switching between media quickly, but it also reduced the amount of space to analyze your selected file. It displayed too much information at once.

If you were using video, the media would be at the top until you scrolled and then it would pop out to the side so you could still see it. Removing the list on the left enabled us to keep the video pinned to the right and viewable at all times. This update has created a much better media viewing experience.

Application Updates

New View Speak

1. Audio and Video List layout

List layout changed and now you can open insight and transcription on a new window, which helps to navigate insights and transcription with more space and a better experience.

2. Team Feature

A big feature update: Easy to use Speak as a team where you can assign video/audio and include remarks. Filter video and audio by assigned status and manage all team users from a user admin panel. You can create user groups with different permissions.

3. Add Remarks to Audio and Video

On our user’s request, Included remarks for audio and video; which you can add at any time.

4. Edit Extracted Insights

Because we are using artificial intelligence to extract insights from audio and video it isn’t always perfect. For example, one thing we’ve seen is when people talk a lot about friends, our system sometimes thinks it is talking about the comedy television series Friends 😂. So, we’ve given people the ability to uncheck the insights that aren’t relevant or that you want to hide. That way, when you share the media you create a perfect experience for those who interact with your player.

5. Upload Audio and Video files Experience

We added more instructions for a smoother user experience during the file upload process.

6. Bug Fix and UI/UX updates

Minor bug fixes. We are still working on cross-compatibility on all browsers. For now, Google Chrome is working extremely well. We will continue to optimize for other browsers. If you see any problems please let us know! Thank you Speak team.

Website Updates

On the Speak website, we also made some substantial changes. This included adding more information to the home page. We added who are customers are frequently asked questions, the members of the team, an interactive video demo and more. For a better experience, we styled the login and register buttons on our header menu. We also added a pricing page for pay-as-you-go pricing.

Coming Soon

  • Present mode with Speak (we cannot wait to show you this!)
  • An Android and IOS App!
  • Subscription plans
  • HTML player embed to help skyrocket search engine rankings
  • AODA Compliance
  • Nvivo Compatible Transcript
  • RSS Feed
  • Makes notes on the video that go beyond remarks

We’ve learned so much about UI this year thanks to some amazing early adopters. There are some updates coming soon that we cannot wait to share with you all.

If you’re a marketer or researcher who wants to decrease the time and cost of creating, analyzing and sharing media please feel encouraged to send us a message. Thank you, everyone ❤

Upload SRT File To YouTube

Upload SRT File To YouTube

Upload SRT To YouTube

Subtitles and closed captions open up your content to a larger audience, including deaf or hard of hearing viewers or those who speak languages besides the one spoken in your video. If you already have captions or subtitles, get help editing or removing existing captions.

YouTube has a great transcription and captioning service. However, they only allow you to export in certain formats. These limitations decrease the ability for you to quickly turn your transcriptions into other valuable pieces of content. 

Using Speak to generate your SRTs so they can be edited for YouTube will give you more freedom, provide YouTube viewers with a better experience, and help rank your videos higher on their search engine.

You can find more details on Google’s guide. 

Upload a file

If you have a subtitle and closed caption file, you can upload it to your video. These types of files contain both the text and time codes for when each line of text should be displayed. Some files also include position and style information, which is especially useful for deaf or hard of hearing viewers.

Before you start, make sure that your file type is supported on YouTube.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left, select Videos.
  3. Click on the title or thumbnail of a video.
  4. Select the Advanced tab.
  5. Select Upload subtitles/cc.
  6. Choose between With timing or Without timing and select Continue.
  7. Choose a file to upload.
  8. Select Save.

Creator Studio Classic instructions

  1. Select Add new subtitles or CC. Choose the language for the subtitles or closed captions you want to create. You can use the search bar to find languages that don’t automatically show in the list.
  2. Select Upload a file and choose the type of file you have to upload.
  3. Select Choose file > Upload.
  4. the editor to make any needed adjustments to the text and timing of your new subtitle or closed caption.
  5. Select Publish.
Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing

Voice marketing is defined as integrating the use of voice-enabled digital devices into your marketing strategies and tactics to reach listeners interested in your business.

“So here what I’m doing right now is just sitting in my living room. I’m at home. I have a little bit of inspiration. And I’m thinking a lot about search engines and how we can use our voice to grow our online presence, grow our rankings and drive more leads, sales, support, donations. “

One of the things I just want to get across is just how easy it is to actually turn your voice into publishable piece of content that you can use online. One of the big core concepts of Speak has been. Taking one form of creation whether that’s audio video or text multiplying that into several mediums so that you can then use that content in more powerful ways. Across the platforms where your users and audience are.

Writing blog post can be really difficult and time consuming while speaking Seems to be a much more intuitive thing for a lot of people. So many of us are amazing sources of knowledge. Yeah, we’re not professional writers, we’re not able to take the time to build that practice or sit down every day and type out well-published, edited, article. Many people are small business owners. Many people have kids families. Enough work at their current job or role. That when they go and try to share that knowledge those things that they’ve learned. It can be so. Time consuming. The joy in the process is often lost.

So here what I’m doing right now is just sitting in my living room. I’m at home. I have a little bit of inspiration. And I’m thinking a lot about search engines and how we can use our voice to grow our online presence, grow our rankings and drive more leads, sales, support, donations. Many of us are much more willing to talk through audio, some of us on video, speaking seems natural to us in a lot of us like to communicate in this way.

So why don’t we create tools and technology to enable the people Who we want to hear from people with the knowledge to share the way they want. And that’s what we’re doing here a lot at Speak we have this vision where all you have to do is drop us the audio or video content and we’ll take care of the rest. Record on your webcam record on your Phone.

It doesn’t really matter. What matters is the process of creation. The ability to create consistently. The ability to share engaging speech driven content. It’s all possible through the power of voice. If it’s high quality and you want to we can share the audio recording with them, too, in an embeddable player. We could leave the video people love watching video. We can help you with the content quality. We can help you put your content in the right position in the right place. On the right platforms at the right time.

You’re a business owner, or an organization lead. You want to contribute. You want to connect with your audience is and customers. Your supporters your volunteers, shareholders. But you have so many other roles. So many other responsibilities that’s not easy. We completely understand. Time is our most valuable resource and yet every day, it seems like there’s something more that is taking up our time.

 No matter what you’re doing whether you’re a business owner and trying to promote that business, or you’re building a personal brand, content in this day and age is a key piece of that. So. If you want to participate in the digital economy. If you want to grow your organization or grow your personal brand. You need a team and you need a technology to help you produce that content on a consistent basis with high quality output. At Speak, we’re going to continue to deliver on that vision. Enabling our users to create the way they want. Go back to running their business and organization. And we will take care of the rest. 

6 Reasons You Need to Transcribe Your Podcasts

6 Reasons You Need to Transcribe Your Podcasts

With its explosion into mainstream entertainment, podcasts, have become one of the most consumed forms of content. According to Statista, as of 2019 over 50% of Americans have listened to a podcast. This is a sizeable increase from the 2018 total of 44%. While listenership is at an all-time high, what if I were to tell you it is not the only way that people enjoy consuming podcasts?

If you have forgotten your headphones, or love reading, you may opt to read a transcription of your favourite podcast.  Podcast creators should be aware of their audience’s desires and offer transcriptions of each episode. However, the benefits of transcribing your podcasts are not only to the consumer, but there are also many benefits that the producer can be reaping too. Whether you are the Joe Rogan Experience, Radiolab, or just record your ramblings from your iPhone mic — here are 6 reasons why you need to transcribe your podcasts!

Grow Your Podcasts With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Grow Your Podcasts With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. Grow Your Podcasts With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As excellent as your podcast is, you can not only rely on word-of-mouth and social media to promote it. It is important to increase your podcasts search traffic and grow your audience organically. The problem is that your content is in an audio format, which is not ideal for search engine optimization. The good part is this is something that is easily fixed by transcribing your podcasts, which turns one of your weaknesses into your biggest strengths.

Over the course of an hour-long podcast, people can easily say over 10,000 words. If you transcribe these words and upload them to your site, you can instantly use these 10,000 words for search engine optimization. This increased SEO, will help your search rankings, and increase traffic to your site. The best part is, this increased site traffic costs you nothing. All it takes is a quick transcription of your podcast!

For more information on SEO check out Speak’s Full Guide To Search Engine Optimization.

User Experience

User Experience

2. User Experience

You take pride in every episode of your podcast and want to create quality content that your listeners can enjoy. While the majority of your subscribers choose to consume your podcasts through audio, some may prefer readable content. Providing a transcription of your podcasts allows your audience to choose the form they consume it in. However, this is not the only way a transcribed podcast can help improve your user’s experience.  With time-stamps attached to your podcast transcription, users can sift through the text of episodes and listen to segments that grab their interest. You know what they say, a well-transcribed podcast is a happy podcast!



3. Accessibility

Unfortunately, many people are not able to consume podcasts via audio. People who suffer from hearing loss, deafness, anacusis, or any other hearing impairment, should still be able to consume the content you enjoy. Importantly, people should not have to pay out of their own pocket to get a transcription of their favourite podcast. Transcribing allows your podcast to be consumed in a multitude of ways, and opens up the doors to groups of people who would not have been able to without it, for free!

Get Multiples Uses From Your Podcasts

Get Multiples Uses From Your Podcasts

4. Get Multiples Uses From Your Podcasts

A huge advantage of podcasting is that simply by turning on a mic, you can create hours of engaging content for your audience. However, many podcast creators only upload their audio to their various hosting platforms. Because of this,  they are no longer getting any more use from their content. This is a missed opportunity, as you are sitting on a goldmine of valuable content that can be used on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform. You can upload your podcast transcriptions as stand-alone content, or take exerts from the episode and turns them into blog posts. You already have created the content, so why not get as much use out of it as you can?

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

5. Social Media Sharing

As discussed earlier, creating content for SEO and promoting organic growth is vital for attracting new listeners — in a cost-effective way. When you transcribe your podcasts, your listeners have the ability to take their favourite quotes and segments from the episode to share to their personal social media platforms. This organic marketing is extremely valuable for podcasts, as it helps promote your content to potential listeners with the endorsement of one of their friends.

For example, what podcast are you more likely to check out:

  • One a random person on the bus tells you to listen to?
  • Or one your close personal friend tells you to listen to?

For most, the latter is the obvious choice. By transcribing your podcasts you have given your listeners various ways to share your podcast via social media.

It's Easy to Transcribe Your Podcasts!

It’s Easy to Transcribe Your Podcasts!

6. It’s Easy to Transcribe Your Podcasts!

If you were to sit down and manually transcribe your podcasts, you would likely be sitting in front of a computer screen for hours. Thankfully, getting a fully transcribed podcast within minutes is just a few clicks away. Get your podcast transcribed today and begin reaping all of the benefits by requesting a demo with Speak!