Boat Vs World’s Largest Blender

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Boat Vs World’s Largest Blender YouTube Video

Boat Vs World’s Largest Blender YouTube Video Description

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Boat Vs World’s Largest Blender Automated Transcript By Speak

We good. Stop, stop it. Stop it. Don’t know how to stop that.

The first video with this thing was very, this video is just basically will it we

start with and we go up the line all the way to

the boat. We’re starting

here with a mannequin and a guitar

and we get to the

boat. This video will stop when something blows

up mannequin in standing. And this is the blade guys. We’ve been in trouble. So we’ve reinforced inside holy carbonate sheets times three on every side. We’re good to go. Let’s let’s spin. I get out.

Oh yes. Go on. So and let’s spin up



go talk. Oh. Oh,

well, that’s not a one piece,

right. Level one landed. We’ll be moving

on and let that be a lesson to the rest of you. Surprisingly,

he did.

Ok in the beginning. So does a sprinter in a marathon here. That’s a great analogy. Pull that from nowhere.

What the hr merch of the path? Put up a good fight. Oh, look at these

mannequins level one. Just big tick for hr

level two

clean up team at work next up kayak.

Oh it’s like a Michael

described this kayak as an absolute shocker. Definitely not seaworthy, but it is blend worthy. And for

this, I know to be true who finds a kayak and a giant blender finds a good thing. Biggest piece that’ll be left than this, than this, small than that. Probably about


So I predict another tick

here. Let’s get 10

ticks today. Well, let’s be positive.

All I see is ticks down there.

I’ll be honest with you. I think we all don’t think we’re getting to the boat, getting to the boat,

getting through the boat for the viewers who are watching from vid. One new safety feature we’ve added in is any time we go near the blender generator is turned off, it can’t go up to max speed without our permission. If it’s off, what you’re saying

is we no longer have

the E stop? Was e let us down, Derek? How old are these barbecue and bacon cheese rolls? Are they like best for four, best before 26? It’s 28.

321 go. No out. Finish my smoothie.


let’s have a look that’s probably turned it into

dust. It’s a bit

snuck out. Yeah.

Look at them, look at them

folks open sesame.

Look at this.

That is, this

was a kayak. Not, not only that. How long did we actually blend for? And it’s done this when you think about it. This is running for less time than we do for a banana smoothie.

As the lads are cleaning, I will get in the next item. Rexy and chairs. You don’t know Rexy. We do put him through the ringer. That is his job, isn’t

it? Ringer? Rexy. Yeah, absolutely.

But the blender is no occasion for him. So we’ve got his replicas and all these chairs. A mountain. Do you know where these chairs are

from? Scott? Did we have them for the AX?

No, originally our beloved 45 m drop tower. Who shape that was? Wait, wait, wait, wait, all clear, Karen. This stack

of chairs. Oh man. Hey, we’re getting up this line. You

know, in vid one, we had a couple of occasions where things sort of jammed. The blender is a potential over current jam scenario.

I’m gonna tell you something. Everything from here on is a jam potential. I reckon how big of a piece of chair we

Rex’s tail would be the biggest, the length of Rex’s no chair smaller than A X and that is a tick for me.

Oh, ok. I still see Rexy. There’s a lot of flow. Look,

this is mutilation. What

we might have something to sell here. Actually, if it’s Rexy, I’m gonna play Rexy puzzle and there’ll be five Rexy on the store. It literally

looks like this has been a combination of chairs and sheep.

Technically, we did lose. Technically,

I don’t care. I’m dead

editor Jack’s putting in the hours on the clean up.

I think it’s time in there to go. Have a look at the old

better bum bum bum

who bites

the dust? It’s disconnected.

There it is.

All right. Here we go, boys and

on, we go. Oh. Oh. Oh, wow. Came over

one of the balls

survived for a while. I reckon poop. There it was. This is probably the biggest bit of the pole. Alpha lost the net was a dog. He was trying to slow it down. That’s a tick. Just a bit of an update. They’re definitely seasoned and not with herbs and spices. They look like something out of more. They’re like really gnarly. The crocodile needs some dentistry and we’re gonna see if we made a shot just watching that. Hope

still gonna

get up there.


saved by the,

the, the what happens here

in the room till he gets? No, no, no, still good. Still good. Still good.

Get in.


is that hoop dead?

Get through? Oh, I

thought it

was just all converging. What a roller coaster ride though up next. It’s, oh,

definitely hit the ground.

It says economy. That can’t be good one year guarantee. That’s not long

for what will


blend? Mattress going into? Blender? This could really pose a threat. Hey, well,

it’s different, isn’t

it? I felt really genuine and it was,


all different in our special ways. It’s

not really gone. Heavy material based

fabric. What do you could stop it. Hey. Well, just like, do you reckon it could just sort of ray jammy. If the motor current goes over 100 and 80 amps, which we’ve been told is a, a lot, then it does flip the switch off and say, hang on boys. That’s enough.

I appreciate

that stuff overlooked. Sometimes

there’s people out there that know what an AMP is and they should understand. We’ve got 100 and 80 Sometimes. Fucking

remember Jack was talking to me last night about it. Hang on amps is like the diameter of a water pipe. That current the vaults is like the, the pressure of a water pipe. Did I get that? I did? That’s two from two and the thickness of the pipe, the thickness, the wall thickness is like what

it’s come

undone now, but it’s,

this is gonna be quite interesting. Jack. Do you think this will be a good or not? I like, oh, he’s disappeared. I’m gonna say no black. I know for sure that that lady won’t be smiling and she’ll be, she’ll be gone. Here we go in the bunk over and ready. 321

on who? Oh, yeah, guys. Oh, now

I have stopped it there because it was on 100 amps. Oh, it didn’t actually power down. That

was flipping. What’s just happened is exactly. Oh no, we’ve got an output current on here. I mean, that’s great. Yeah, and like it was, it was going up. How hilarious was the revs

early. We were like folded in half like a sandwich. Like, look at all that internal wiring. Go look at that mess.

In hindsight, a foam mattress would have been easy. Just pure foam. Not a lot of metal in that. No wonder I was working so hard.

We’ve damaged some serious polyp here.

We’ll be right back with the next item.


bees. They’re flipping achilles heel. So

these are the same ones from video one when we had like 10,000, we thought maybe they were too heavy. Was that the thought? Because they weren’t really cut. We were like, well, let’s just put in 500 see how that goes.

What is that branch for? It’s good. Can I just say I’m wearing an old rally? There’s something really big coming in. The clothing works for two years. It’s probably gonna be dropping in a few months just gonna start throwing some seeds. So for

me here a win. If I may redefine the rules, they go ballistic and we’re about to get

spat on from the clouds and nasty. It was


Oh, good. Did

they break up ankle slash not ankle achilles heel?


golf balls ended us again. Potentially they’re so destructive.

Started seeing golf balls appearing like between poly carb. I’m like that. It’s not good. We are

definitely down to one layer of poly carb here.

Does that mean that if something breaks this side it’s just,

you’ve gotta pay it to the golf balls. I’m looking in there. They look very unaffected, which is crazy because the poly carb is very affected.

That’s a great noise.

These little dogs look at the sheets

of poly, they

are mangled. How has it messed us up so bad. Somebody needs to explain to me with good reason why that happened.

We’re currently in a bit of a pickle. We want to do everything, but we also don’t want to not get to the boat.

That’s life.

That is literally life right there. People want to do everything they possibly can. But actually, sometimes you can’t, you know what my opinion is? Tell us actually play it like we said, we would

go for is like bad idea. We’ve decided those two maybe, you know, nah, these are a bit there.

Well, Stanford, we’re on the brink of going home. This could be the end and we’re thinking of them as much as us. We’re thinking you guys, you guys, we wanna see this, you clicked

on the boat. Yeah,

we gotta give you this. So we’re gonna do boat and if it doesn’t get it destroyed completely by the boat, then we’ll, we’ll go back to here for an encore. It’s an aluminum boat which will pose an aluminum problem. Yeah.


I personally think the thing he’s never been more ready.

It’s got anvil versus anvil vibes, doesn’t it? Boys are penning up the door. The stage is set. I’m

feeling really good. I actually think of the plan.

No, no

way I want

it to. But I’m a no. So I feel like I’m a definite, no, I just think it’s just surely gonna wrap

up. No, no

one’s hitting the stop button. Right.

It’s also the first thing with no lid and it’s out the top. We’ve got people at the back there having a look. They, they’re meant to be doing work. Don’t look at our boat in the blender. He’s like, oh, I just conveniently stopped at an open clearing. Well, as you blended the boat who would have thought it would be pretty tough to drive past that, wouldn’t it? What do you think jacket’s gonna happen?

Anything other than

annihilation of everything in there? We’ve heard from everyone except for you. What do you think is gonna happen? Uh I

think it’s got to mangle the, tear it into a million little pieces.

How everyone’s heart rate. I’m 93. I’m normally in the fifties. 90 he’s picking up is doing his, the manual way which is a pro editor. Jack’s probably 20 a lot of tension there, folks, but it’s why we make these videos to push the limits. Have a bit of fun, do things. No one’s done and

ultimately a bit of a reason why they like to watch isn’t.

Yeah, we don’t have three subs because we do things like this. Shout out to you. If you got three subs at the moment. Hang in there. Let’s see. Contents average when we give up. I reckon it’s, is it go time,


go time the

boys are coming in. We’re on ready. Three


Go ahead.


well that wasn’t the most anti climactic moment I’ve seen lately.


we go again?

321 attempt?

Oh. Oh.

Oh, we made

some progress. I reckon another round doesn’t have time to get up to speed. It just stops it and its tracks early. Alright, here we go. Round four, knock at the door. Blades are not able to get up to speed before the current skyrocketing jack has said it works. It’s hardest trying to get up to speed. We need to

drop it in,

we need to start it up. Do we need to somehow quickly release it? We just left the with the

hand now we’re gonna

rig it so we can

drop it then we’ll go again. That’s enough for Scott

Michael is holding up a boat at the moment all the way there. This is just a big old how you going?

You just gotta make it

work. We’re gonna be able to spin the blades up to whatever speed we want because there’s daylight there.


yes we’re


Alright we’re gonna go to speed. Here we go. 321 on.

Yep. All right we’re at. Ok Michael. 321 drop. Bye. Oh wow.

The nose


Gee, that was

abrupt. It big.

So really the the answer is can you blend a boat? There’s the carnage folks. A big old wedgy Miller in there. Wedge dog, wedgy, wedge

dog. Millionaire. Oh big boys and their toys stuff, man.

Well done. Yeah.

As you know that was sensational. That was a great moment. That did feel good. Take that boat straight to the trailer, Michael.

Alright. You big waft dog still about 38. The things this

ball has done. It’s very weird. It’s quite

a cradle. Is it ever gonna come

out? It just keeps spitting.

That’ll be great. Here we go. This could be the end of of the quick guess. Will it blend? Yes. Yes, I’m gonna say yes,

this is it boys. This is all she wrote. There we go.

Final blender moment. Maybe ever we’ll see 321


He’s balancing.

He shut down

over and I think where he is that’s gonna happen again and again and again, isn’t it? Yeah.

Is that it’s

been a, it’s been a good time but

uh he lives on he’s earned his right for more stunts. Thank you, Dan. He says he lifts Phil. Appreciate all your help in welding this thing. 44 clubs

would love you

all. Bye.

Hi, I’m me. No, I’ll do a proper one. You know what we’re doing to. He’s gonna ask some trivia questions.


So Giant Blues come in science with we gave away cash. You remember Harrison loved the Christmas tree and we

returned it.

Boat Vs World’s Largest Blender was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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