The Best Sentiment Analysis Tools

Sentiment analysis tool have been all the craze lately. If you are wondering why you’ve come to the right place. Today, businesses must deal with tons of communication from their target audience, mass media, customers, and industry experts. After all, to build a successful business, brands must be aware of their target audience’s sentiments. It’s useful when evaluating the brand’s marketing strategy and creating more consumer-oriented experiences.

Unfortunately, to process and analyze such a massive amount of text-based data, you’d have to bury yourself in social media posts, survey responses, emails, and other customer communication. That’s why more businesses are turning towards sentiment analysis tools to explain and interpret the tone or intent of a customer’s message.

This article will discuss what a sentiment analysis tool is and a rundown of the best sentiment analysis tools for your team.

What is a Sentiment Analysis Tool?

A sentiment analysis tool is an artificial intelligence software used to analyze text data to determine each message’s intent, tone, and emotion. Brands use this software to analyze and understand customers’ attitudes toward your brand, product, and service. A sentiment analysis tool automatically detects a conversation’s tone, emotion, and urgency.

It assigns each conversation a negative, positive or neutral tag to show the order of priority. That applies primarily to brands that actively engage with their target audience on social media, email, and live chats. We all know it’s almost impossible to determine a message’s sentiment when using such communication channels.

What are the Best Sentiment Analysis Tools

There’s a variety of sentiment analysis tools in the market today. However, each software is unique in some way. While some are straightforward to use, others might need you to have in-depth knowledge of data science.

  1. Speak AI

Sentiment Analysis Tools

Speak AI hosts a wide range of analysis tools, including a Twitter sentiment analysis tool. Researchers, marketers, and brands have used the tool to transcribe, analyze and share insights from the available data.

Unlike traditional social listening tools, Speak AI features deep language analysis and provides user-specific personalized insights. Isn’t it exciting to do all that without needing a powerful developer or a professional data scientist? Gone are the days when you required R and Python to analyze tweets.

All you’ll need to do is give us your phrases, keywords, and hashtags valuable to your business and Speak will gather Twitter data for you. Speak Ai’s sentiment analysis tool helps you conduct market research and monitor how people talk about your brand. Also, it enables you to organize customer conversations across platforms so that you can respond to the most critical queries faster.

  2. Lexalytics

Lexalytics Semantria API is a text analysis tool that uses powerful natural language processing to parse texts and determine the intent behind a customer’s message. This is a sentiment analysis tool that you can set up in the cloud. For that reason, it’s ideal for data scientists looking for an on-premise solution that gives them full access to the technology or on-premise deployment for security reasons.

After the software has determined the emotions behind a customer’s feedback, you can further visualize and store the results in the Semantria business intelligence tool. Lexalytics is hands down the ideal tool for text analysis and data visualization. However, you need a data science background to understand how the API works.

  3. Brand24

Brand24 Sentiment Analysis tools

Brand24 is a popular media monitoring tool known for its text and sentiment analysis. The software offers web and social media monitoring on all major social media channels, forums, blogs, podcasts, web, and newsletters. The sentiment analysis algorithm is applied to all collected social media posts and mentions.

So, apart from tracking your brand online, you will be able to determine your customer’s sentiments. And thanks to Brand24’s machine learning and natural language processing, this tool can analyze text in real-time. You can quickly determine the positive, negative, and neutral mentions. Generally, Brand24 is a great social listening tool if you see real-time information from your social interactions.

  4. Repustate

Repustate Sentiment Analysis Tools

Repustate is an easy-to-use sentiment analysis software that detects the sentiment of emojis and slang in a context to determine if the message is positive or negative. It’s a sophisticated text analysis API that accurately assesses the sentiment behind customer responses. 

The best part is that you can easily customize this Repustate’s API to either of the 23 supported languages. Also, you can train the API to recognize alternative meanings of words to give you even more accurate results on the sentiment insights.

  5. MonkeyLearn

If you are looking for a ready-to-use sentiment analysis tool, MonkeyLearn has exceptional accuracy. You can easily integrate this tool into Google Sheets and Zendesk. And if you have some coding skills, you can even use the MonkeyLearn API to connect the sentiment analyzer to your stack.

Also, you can build your own customized sentiment analysis model without coding. A personalized sentiment analysis tool is more accurate as you can train it using your business data and criteria. That helps the API to identify industry-specific language and define the level of sentiment based on your business.

Further, Monkey Learn offers a free world cloud generator telling you which words are primarily used in customer feedback. That helps brands identify customer roadblocks by looking for mentions, products, or services that customers have repeated. If you notice a specific product appears severally under a negative categorization suggests that customers are unhappy.

In Summary: The Best Sentiment Analysis Tool 2023

Every tool on this list has its pros and cons. Some of the sentiment analysis tools are easy to use and set up. On the other hand, others present customizable tools you can take advantage of even without a background in data science. Speak AI provides the best of both worlds. With this sentiment analysis tool, you don’t need any code to check customers’ emotions.

If your business constantly receives a lot of communication from potential and existing customers, analyzing the sentiment of their messages will positively impact your business operations. Here’s your chance to try out Speak Ai and better understand your customer’s opinions.

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