Banned From Garry’s Mod 13

Interested in Banned From Garry's Mod 13? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Banned From Garry's Mod 13!

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Banned From Garry’s Mod 13 YouTube Video

Banned From Garry’s Mod 13 YouTube Video Description

This is part 13 of my gmod experience, mostly from when I livestream on Twitch or YouTube. I hope you find these funny highlights as hilarious and bizarre as I did! VRChat videos coming soon.
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Banned From Garry’s Mod 13

Banned From Garry’s Mod 13 Automated Transcript By Speak

I get banned on Gas model a lot often because I mess with the admins and not because I break the server rules usually.And in one of my videos, I featured one of the oldest GMO tricks to make admins accidentally teleport everyone instead of just one person causing chaos and forcing admins to teleport everyone back one by one. In the same video. That funny situation got me banned for a full here on the server that just opened. So a lot of you guys have been reminding me that it’s been a full year and it’s finally time to revisit the server. The problem is the server shut down pretty much shortly after. Yes, it was the grand opening. And I’m very sorry about the grant closing. I hope you enjoy. And if you’re new here, leave a like and subscribe, I’ll let you kill everyone you want. Well, you said anyone. So, but the thing is hanging around this area, there’s somebody on the other side. Do you think I can check out to move me inside the base? The keypad glitch doesn’t recognize my face. Oh, that’s interesting. All right, thanks. Are you sure he added you to the keypad. Uh He just went to FK so he can’t fix it. Weird. Wait a second. This guy is a FK. So when he comes back, that’s going to be the first thing he sees. Um Hey, how’s it going? Yeah, sorry.

The key was not recognizing me and uh Urfk, you couldn’t fix it. So yeah, just double, double check, just add, add my name to it. OK. Just this portrait. So can, can you fix the keypad, please? There’s somebody else, I don’t even know who I killed. And this guy has no idea. This guy came back and saw this picture said what? And Kagan Jesus Christ. I mean, I mean, I mean, not literally don’t have my recipe book. So I don’t know how to make motions. Come on guys. Oh, well, I wish I did lose my rocket launcher, my uh mass destruction weapon. I accidentally dropped it earlier when I changed my job. Iii I really wish I really wish it didn’t disappear. It looks dangerous. His friend is outside. That’s the funniest part. They’re holding the base as two people. One of them is inside a FK. The other one is somewhere outside some uh-huh. That was very nice. But he will probably assume that I did that. Now. Can I put like over here? So when somebody walks back to the base, this is the first thing they see is that one of the owners? I think he just got shot. What are you doing there? That tiny little guy, little fella mcdole. Uh Yeah. Yeah, thank you. That’s what I call a delicacy. I’m part of the base. You just broke the keypad. We were supposed to share it. I took it just like I took your base. How you learn. That’s my chance to escape. Hold on. I lost, dude. I think I hit him so hard.

I did a factory reset on his computer. He, I think he crashed. I’m pretty sure he just crashed. Well, what do we have here? Some nature fisherman. You know, they paid for that title. What, what am I witnessing? I am being bullied. You are a, no, no, no. That’s my stuff. Science and shit. Swat commander time to beat some people up. What happens if I use this battery on that? I don’t know. I hope I don’t get

banned. Let’s do some

science. All right. I got this guy standing out of the way. I don’t think he’s got this. Hey, we have a structure over here and I wonder what this is wanted. Tony. Loitering. Not so fast, buddy. Not so fast. You’re free to go. John Wick is abusing police to roll on server. Many fail warrants on me for loitering A K A sitting inside of my own base. Quit loitering. Loitering is illegal. Mass rule breaking happening on the server. Any other help? Would we appreciate it? What’s wrong? I could help and let me put a warrant on him again. Fuck yourself. Abuses of police. Uh something he doesn’t like me. It is Mike Wazowski. What the hell does he have a shotgun?

$1? Kill someone with it?

He told me to kill somebody. I’ll show you something. Hold on. Uh I actually forgot, I don’t have a numb pad so I can’t use that, but I’ll show you something else. Hold on. I’m gonna go into my bathroom. I thought you meant like in oh wait, you did. You did mean that? Oh my God. What is this now? Close the bottle inside. I want to take a shit in here. It’s just you and me. Please ignore the dead baby in the urinal. I got a question for you. How tall are you in? Scrambled eggs? I’ll get back to you with that answer. Listen, you could come back in a few years and mods average intelligence level will never go up. It’s, it’s kind of plateaued like a long time ago now. Just on a decline. You like $100 gun to RM with. Yes. Uh My mouse got stuck. Sorry. Yeah, I just want you all to know.


have a Yeah, we’re dumb and we have guns. I’m just gonna put this here. It’s a good business opportunity. Thank you. Make it. So it’s not a single fire. Just click fast. What the fuck? That wasn’t very nice. My hand slipped, bro. That happens. I know how that feels. Hand slip, the swell. It happens. Oh, a lot of uh hand slips to eat. I just watch that toilet. I just wanna let you know I’m not responsible for you. Absolutely not worth. Did my g crash. It did and the last frame is diagrams of poop and it just crashed. Oh, am I on the gym? Yeah, I think I joined the, just fully connected. Yeah, this is Jim Mo Harry Potter. Wait, is it the the Nation shop? So what’s the, what’s the worst spell? Uh So how do I learn these spells? Oh, I’m gonna ask a by your name. You’re a very responsible person. Can you help me out? Can you give me a spell? Thank you. Ok. This guy just gave me a, you’ve got to be kidding me? Oh my God. Let me test it out real quick.

Hello. Shut with your money

game. Oh my God. The timing. Who just bought the shirt to play that sound effect? Oh my God. I thought you me. Did you really think that the fucking shield is gonna protect you from the spell? Can I get you a smoothie? No, I like my business back. The laws of the land that the movie kid gets arrested on side because he’s annoying. What’s up? Why? Why did they hang a Robert that is wearing a hat? 321 ignition, right? Ready? Yeah. Ok. Hello? I have arrived here. I need a promotion. He died in Russian. No, I did put him up on the cross. All right, I see what the fuck up. I just say I’ve been, I’ve been, I just say fuck off, I’ve been a fuck off a mayor. Ok. What do I do? Tax taxes finally? All right. Maximum level of taxes, economy uh do nothing. Economy improved. Awesome. I’m such an awesome mayor hop on season four. No, we agree. Wait, is it ok? Ok. Hold on. Are you actually serious? This guy was waiting on the very last pixel of the map just to finish the race for classic.

Hey, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you real, real good. Shut up, bitch.

Fuck you. It’s, it’s a literal war that tells I’m I’m just gonna get away from it here. What is happening up there? Is that, is that a being uh that Yoda has a mini gun? He, he’s looking back at me. Big boss. Can he be Big Boss? Boss has been made Big Boss. Wait a second VIP. Plus they didn’t configure it properly. I just became big Boss even though I’m not VIP. I never paid for it and I’m a big boss and my, my name is Boss as well. Wait a second. Can you pick it up? That means we can get inside buildings. Try to put me through that door, for example. Oh my God. Push it all the way. Oh I’m in the ceiling. Do you think I could get the admin to teleport me. Hold on. Is this single admin gonna acknowledge what just happened? Look how many admins are on 1234567 and look at their pro pictures. They all have like freaking skeletons. Do you want me to take you seriously or what? Ok. I’ll, I’ll start, I’ll start it. 123456 50. They’re busy raiding, busy raiding each other’s apartments when they’re moderators. TP to me as clearly busy arrest all law or non law abiding citizens for no literal reasons. I just need to find smile right now. That’s all that he is. Get arrested. Idiot. Is this the right person?

I don’t fucking know at this point you can’t kill people that, that would be against the rules. So don’t kill the guy. I can just, gosh, I love you. Yeah, 1000 bucks. All right, I’ll see you guys around. Can you tell me back? I need to open the jail cell. There’s two guys who are not supposed to be there and then they put me back here. I just need 10 seconds. There’s two people inside. You said this guy, I didn’t run the rest of them. Have you seen the laws? Maybe you should probably check them. Let me look at the wait. Can you hear me when I’m talking to this guy? I, I sure hope that didn’t go through. All right. So, what did you arrest him for. Exactly. I mean, you do know that was the last mayor that made all the rules. Correct. Well, that’s not true. My problem, you’re not supposed to follow the agenda and you’re supposed to follow the trial moderator stuff instead of phrasing basis. I’m not on duty. I don’t have to consider it a fail law. So this is an r complained to the mayor and not me that says that in the job rules that I need to follow the agenda, you’re not supposed to follow the agenda anyway. What’s the point of the agenda? If I’m not supposed to follow it? It says in the job that I need to follow the agenda, they are supposed to follow the agenda, right? So I’m going to just close this ticket. You guys take it easy. Thank you. You guys are still here.

Wait, how did you, how did you get in a different cell? Well, don’t just stare at me, tell me. So there is a new law. If, if the gun is pointed at me, I can arrest them. Let’s try this out. How come this guy really report me for RDM? Yeah. Smaller redemption. Wait, did he actually just go on duty? I just realized, did he actually just go on duty after that incident? The redemption ar I

kill him until he handcuffs you. How, how

can you kill him if you’re handcuffed? That’s that, that is kind of a dumb rule. I’m gonna to be fully honest though. It’s just a rule. Don’t punish the guy. I think this is just misunderstanding and he seems chill. So don’t punish him for sure. Are you on duty now? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ok. I got you. See you soon have a good day. Uh, the classic. My favorite. That’s a great base. You got there selling rooms. Can I have one if you would like a room? We see it inside. This would be a top full room for two. I have $5 in a $5. 0, never mind. I don’t even have a kettle. They don’t have obvious pon kettles anymore. I have a tea. Yeah, we have $5 in a tea bag. You don’t have any other money? No, no. Are you trying to reduce the property prices by destroying the floor? Yeah, it is pretty clever. So, how much money do you actually have? I actually lied. I only have four. I don’t even have file. I want to have four. Can you pitch in like one? I know it’s a lot to us. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we can, we can split this. Ok. So if you could pay me a little bit of money now, we can give you a little bit of money and more money later.

There you go. Don’t take that money. Don’t take that

money. He asked for a little money now and big money later. So he took the money a deal. Is a deal. We’ll bring you more money later. All right. See you guys around. Thank you for your business. It’s a nice base and I’m really glad to be a part of it. We’re landlords. Now, technically, we need to find somebody to rent the property to killed me inside my base. He killed me inside my base. $2 is $2. Fair and square can I, you can talk? I mean, you’re a worm. You can do. So let me

explain what actually happened. You’re just making shit up. Just let me explain. I sold a dupe and he was just getting it set up. And who is this guy, this guy and another police officer,

she kind of grew up with that. I just got him. All right.

Go on. She just killed this guy and another police officer

showed up. Yeah, we bought a room, let the worm

talk, let the worm before I realized what he was doing, he let them in the base. He set prices for the rooms and they were like, oh, we’re going to give you $2 for a room.

No, no, we offer $5 in a kettle. But then we realized we’re out of kettles. Stop


Well, you were misrepresenting my fight. So objection, I would do objection every time you were misrepresenting

telling you I’m not misrepresenting you were

there, we were upstairs, you were downstairs.

I was going to tell him my point of view. Now you’re interrupting my

point of view but sorry. Ok, you go on, sorry,

they came up and he let them in to go see the rooms and they started offering him like $1 for the room or whatever. And he was not doing a very good negotiating, but they were trying to screw him over. So

he took some money, he agreed to it. You just involved yourself. How the fuck do I explain people that I’m arguing for warm right

now? So that’s exactly what happened. If you want to say your side of the story, I will of course

go eat dirt or something, you’re warm, just go in the corner, eat some dirt. Ok? Let’s just keep this short here. He doesn’t own the property, he built it but he doesn’t own it. It’s not his decision. The money

he was offering him was 5 $5 which he did not agree to. Yeah,

because he agreed to two

dollars. All right. Smile. Anyway, you see what’s

happening? Yeah. A worm is trying to bullshit you. Who do you believe the boss or the worm? Ok, dude, I don’t

think job title don’t matter. But OK, if anything, if you’re going to argue that point, the point you’re arguing is actually that I’m a higher level than you because I actually have a custom class and you’re using a class that’s already made, you made this entire report for him already ming you. But he kind of explained why. And

to me, yeah, but it was technically it is in our doors. He yells, hey, let’s kill them and they start killing us. It’s not real valid reason. They didn’t give us any time to talk this out.

When you walk past the KWS side into somebody’s bases, you are giving up your right to live at that point. So,

so you paid for a room and they have the right to kill you at any point because they don’t like you. This is why I don’t trust warm landlords. I swear to God. All right, you can return us. I’ll sell the doors. He’s trolling,

but he’s going a little too far. How

is it so far? So, what is the server called? Warm? What is the server called? No, no. What is the server called? Mr? What is the server called? He’s not answered by question. I ask him four times. What’s the server called? It’s called role play server. We were role playing a landlord situation and he intruded because he didn’t like the money part. Come on, dude, have some fun if

you want to actually follow that landlord route. Technically, I am the landlord because you’re

the construction builder, you’re offering those bases but not ownership. You don’t own the base anymore. Oh, actually he’s

got right. I’m not the construction builder. I’m the fucking engineer. You saw the inside of it. Would you like to buy one for yourself too. I’m just letting this go anyways. You guys have a good day out

here. See you soon.

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