Ahsoka Episode 1 Breakdown THANK YOU DAVE FILONI

Interested in Ahsoka Episode 1 Breakdown THANK YOU DAVE FILONI? Check out the video and automated transcript from the Speak Ai team for Ahsoka Episode 1 Breakdown THANK YOU DAVE FILONI!

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Ahsoka Episode 1 Breakdown THANK YOU DAVE FILONI YouTube Video

Ahsoka Episode 1 Breakdown THANK YOU DAVE FILONI YouTube Video Description

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Ahsoka Episode 1 is here and with it, my breakdown! A lot happened in this episode and I have to say beyond Ahsoka Tano, I am really interested in Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati as they navigate their way through the story with Morgan Elsbeth to find Thrawn (and Ezra). I really think they are interesting characters who survived Order 66 and I’m eager to learn more about them (and just how much Baylan knew about Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader)

Awesome seeing Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla and Chopper..and of course…Huyang!

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Ahsoka Episode 1 Breakdown THANK YOU DAVE FILONI Automated Transcript By Speak

What’s up guys? And welcome to the first episode of a soca breakdown. I had a fantastic time last night at the watch party with over 11,000 of you there. It was really great to get back to the original roots of the channel with the watch parties.So a lot happened in this premiere, there were two episodes obviously, but in this first one, let’s cover episode one. And then the next part of this video will cover episode two. So the episode starts off with a red scroll as we get caught up with the timeline. So this is several years after return of the Jedi. This is a few years after the end of Darth Vader and the emperor, the empire has fallen and the new republic has risen while agents of the darkness are at work to break the peace. A plot is underway to find Grand Admiral th and bring him out of exile. The rumors of his return are instilling hope and vengeance in the hearts of remaining imperials in the galaxy. Hoping to start a new war, former Jedi Knight. And this is where I saw a lot of people in the chat were kind of confused when it said former Jedi Knight. The reason for this I believe is because as soo left the Jedi order, so she doesn’t see herself as a Jedi anymore. I am no Jedi. And at the time of her departure, she was the rank of a Padawan, but clearly now she’s definitely the rank of Jedi Knight.

So Dave calls it former Morgan Elsbeth who we saw in the Mandalorian season two revealed a map that leads to Ron, which is important to the plot. Elsbeth has been captured by Asoka and taken in by the New Republic for trial as the crawl rolls away. A massive New Republic ship flies into the scene much like how a new hope started with the Tan T four escaping from the superstar destroyer. As we meet the new public crew inside, they’re being approached by a ship who claimed to be Jedi. The captain lets them on board as he scoffs, which to me was kind of ridiculous because it’s like, why have this very dangerous prisoner on board who these mysterious people are clearly asking to see and they say that they’re Jedi which are pretty dangerous themselves. So he just invites them on board, they give them an old Jedi clearance code. And it reminded me of return of the Jedi where Han tells the admiral an old code. As Vader asks if they have a code and he’s told it’s an old code, sir. But it checks out which of course Admiral Piet met his demise as the ship lands in the ramp lowers Baylin skull and Shin Hati both enter the scene reminding me very much of the prequels with Gun Gin and Obi. When Kno on the Trade Federation ship, the captain can’t believe Jedi are all the way out here and he doesn’t believe them to be who they say they are. He mocks them and calls them imperial trash.

Baylin was very calm and ready to get Elsbeth on a more peaceful route. However, the captain threatened to arrest them after insulting them to me, this shows that Baylin and his apprentice are not as evil as pure Sith would be because they just walk in and kill them all without any hesitation. He gave them a chance, meaning he has reasoning and maybe some good in him, which makes sense since he used to be a Jedi in an interview with the late Ray Stevenson. May he rest in peace? He mentioned that Baylin school is a very serious man. He’s someone who isn’t looking for blood directly. But if you stand in his way, then he is going to clear the path. When Baylin orders his apprentice with a simple glance to ignore her orange lightsaber and take them all out. The captain draws his blaster as Balin controls his hand with the force. I found this very interesting. If you listen carefully, you can hear the same force sound that Darth Vader has when he force chokes someone precisely at the moment where Baylin squeezes with his open palm, forcing the captain to drop his blaster.

I feel like this was him using the same technique of the force to constrict the captain’s wrist muscles and tendons forcing him to drop the weapon. Just a little observation I made. He admits that they aren’t Jedi and thrusts his orange blade through the captain’s chest. So we know for sure that these guys aren’t Jedi. Definitely Balin moves to Elsbeth cell having his own hallway scene as he fires blaster bolts at the New Republic troops using the force. This is a really quick scene. You might have missed it, but they’re shooting blasters at him and then they get shot back with blasters themselves. Elsbeth door is opened with the force. Clearly, he is very powerful in the force to which he also uses his abilities to uncuff her to freedom. She informs him a SOCA put her in there and we switch scenes to where a SOCA is at massive world building scene here as she walks on the planet Arcana. This is a stronghold built by the knight sisters of Dair. Now the knight sisters were magic wielding beings who were very powerful and very dangerous witches that could rival even the most powerful force users like Palpatine mother thin was amongst the most powerful of her time. She also gave Mall his cybernetic legs after becoming a spider and she ended up fighting Palpatine grievous and du both in the clone wars. And in the comics, Asoka uses her sabers to twirl down into the tomb.

This reminded me of Anakin Obi one doing this in revenge of the sith aboard the invisible hand ship as they escaped grievous. Now, this whole place that she drops into looks something straight out of Jedi fallen over the video game. It almost looks like the Knight sisters had ties to the ancient Zeo, which we still don’t know all that much about. She sees inscriptions on the wall and statues engraved, holding a gold orb. She leans into one of the three pillars to meditate and hear the echoes making me wonder if she has some sort of psychometry like kiss or Quinlan Vass. But to be honest, I just think that she’s trying to hear the echoes of the force to unlock this thing and get the orb map. She twists and turns the pillars in various degrees until they were tracked into the stone floor. As 1/4 1 from the center of the room rises. This reminded me a lot like the fifth element, especially this piece that came up which turns into sand as she uncovers the gold orb within it containing the location of Thon and Ezra. She reaches out to Hu Yang, the ancient droid that we saw in the clone wars that has been instructing students for hundreds of years on how to construct light sabers.

We did see him in the clone wars when all of the Jedi Padoan or rather the younglings went to with my Yoda. The transmission to Huang is very static. So she jumps out with the map where she is ambushed by an HK droid. Five of them to be exact. She fights them and we see Anakin’s apprentice has learned, well, she takes them all out in a few moves and they end up self destructing. So she runs while they beep and she jumps into the T six Jedi ship at the last second evading the fire and explosion. She tells Hu Yang to next time, stay closer and have her back where he starkly replies as usual that this is the job of a Jedi Padoan learner to have her back reminding Asoka that she once used to be one fleet command. Hails Fulcrum, which is her code name. And she goes to the ship that Balin and Shin broke Elsbeth out of Asoka meets with Harrison Dula from Rebels who was played by Ewan mcgregor’s wife, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Fun. Little fact. They go over the hollow recordings of Balin and Asoka learns of their Jedi abilities, but Asoka doesn’t recognize them at all.

And we know from the trailer that Balin knows who Anakin is and judging by his age, I’m guessing he’s around the same age that Anakin would have been. Asoka says there are very few force wielders today. After order 66 the survivors are slim. At this point, Hu Yang will analyze their lightsaber hilts to see if he knows their identity. Asoka shows he of the gold map and informs her this leads to Ron that there are whispers of his survival, meaning Ezra is alive too. Hera tells Asoka that you know who can help you with this. And at this point, you know, during the live stream, I was pretty excited. I thought they’re meaning Luke skywalker. But no, of course, they meant Sabine personally. I think we’re gonna see Luke eventually in the show.

I have a hard time believing we won’t. As I think he is the most powerful Jedi here in the galaxy and with such a major threat, I feel like Asoka should reach out to him. We swipe to la where Governor Rider A is Commemorating Ezra and honoring him in memory for sacrificing himself along with the help of Kan Zeb Loath wolves era and Sabine who is supposed to speak to the crowd. But typical Sabine, she’s nowhere to be found behind them is the mural from Rebels with the ghost crew. So this show is basically rebels season five is kind of how it feels like Governor Azadi asks G Kel to step in for Sabin. And you guys might remember Jake, he was with Ezra at the Imperial Academy. They both escape together and they joined Aza’s crew. Sabin Ren is racing away on her bike rebellious. As always, we should note also that her patch has the Republic navy insignia and there are loaf cats on her helmet. Sabin goes home to the old communication tower that Ezra used to live in and feeds her loath cat revealing her Mandalorian helmet, activating an old hologram of Ezra and clearly missing him.

He talks about the sacrifices that he made to defeat Ron, which was the ending of rebels where Ezra held Ron in place as were transported into hyperspace with the Gill, the space whales which we also saw in the trailers. And in episode two, Shin Hatty and Elsbeth are at the Knight Sister Tomb on Arcana where she reveals that she is a witch. Our theories were true. Eels Beth indeed is a survivor of the Night Sisters. This is a very big deal because Night Sisters are pretty much extinct. They’re even more rare than Jedi in this time, Palpatine had them pretty much all wiped out except for a few like Maron and Jedi survivor. And of course, now Elsbeth and I think maybe this is why Elsbeth didn’t use her magic against Asoka because she wanted to remain anonymous. Balin confirms that Asoka has the map and Elsbeth sends Shin to Lethal to kill Sabine Asoka’s apprentice. They say this is a means to draw her out. Sabine hears Ezra’s voice in her dreams and in the background, we see a cool few things here. A Scout Trooper Helmet, as well as a zombie looking storm Trooper Helmet, which reminded me of the novels, Red Harvest and Death Troopers, which are about a virus called the Black Wing virus that basically turns you into a zombie. It was a lab study gone wrong.

Originally intended to make dead flesh come alive again. Anyways, Asoka and Sabine meet, she brings her up to speed about the map hoping that her artistic mind can decipher the orb and open it. If you’re new to rebels, Sabine is very artsy if you couldn’t tell by the color of her hair or colors, they argue about Asoka not being there for Sabine. And Asoka says, being a Jedi isn’t easy where Sabine says she would have made a good one. The two clearly have a lot of issues to work out. And Hu Yang interrupts them as he has the information on Balin and Shin’s Lightsaber Hilts from his database. Sabin asks Asoka to take the map with her to think clearly. And Asoka says no, in case it gets stolen, which could cause an all out war because she knows that people are searching for it. Sabin, of course, disobeys and vanishes with it to her home. Hu Yang ran an analysis of the light sabers of Shin Hai and Baylin school and I really love the scene because it shows how long Huang has been around now. He couldn’t recognize Shin’s, but he recognizes Baylin schools mentioning that he instructed many students over the years, but there’s only one person who created a lightsaber hilt as unique as this one. And that belongs to Baylin school who disappeared during the end of the clone wars.

Meaning order 66 a master and apprentice as SOCA confirms. So Balin obviously used his abilities to escape during order 66 probably to the unknown regions or somewhere where no one could find him. And this is how he survived. Now, as for his apprentice who has a Jedi braid, I believe we can talk about that in perhaps a different video, but I have a lot to say about her for sure. I don’t think that she came from the Jedi Temple. I think she was born after order 66. It just timeline wise doesn’t make sense with her age. She looks to be a maybe 20 years old. So I really think that she is his daughter or maybe he found her. Sabine goes home to Tinker with the map where a probe droid is sent to try her as it returns to Shin Hati atop a hill giving us the similar theme as Darth Mall in the Phantom Menace when he was tracking Anakin skywalker and Kon Jin. I love that. Dave’s doing this. Hera’s hologram calms a SOCA down regarding Sabine Ren’s. Disobey. Hera tells her that she’s Mandalorian that it’s expected. Hera mentions how Anakin probably found a SOCA difficult at times and the complete tone of the scene changes. It becomes very serious, the music changes, it becomes a bit more ominous and Asoka becomes very serious and stern telling her she never finished being trained by Anakin that she walked away from Anakin much like she walked away from Sabine in rebels, Sabine finally opens the map as it expels coordinates.

She is ambushed by hkss and Droids who steal it. She grabs Ezra’s Lightsaber and meets Shin Hati downstairs igniting it. They fight and Shin I believe is toying with Sabine or what it seems like because I assume that she’s doing this. It just wouldn’t make sense if Sabin and her going toe to toe equally, Shin has the force. She’s much more powerful. She’s been training this entire time her whole life, whereas Sabine hasn’t been Shin has a Padawan braid which Seth don’t have meaning that she is trained probably in both ways of the force making her very dangerous. And I would say maybe leaning more into the ideals of the Jedi than not, which makes them very interesting characters and kind of makes me think that they’re orange, light. Sabers are particularly because they used to have blue or green ones and they’re now more so dark like dark Jedi but aren’t pure sith. I’ll make a video about that at another time. Asoka and Huang race to Sabin, but not in time as she is stabbed in the side of the stomach which makes kin roll in his grave. Probably this is the end of episode one. Shin had to gets away with the map.

Sabin is wounded and then will pick up in the next episode. So first of all, right off the bat, I think this was a fantastic start to the series. The World Building was superb. It didn’t feel all tight and claustrophobic like the Kenobi show did the dialogue, the acting, the costumes and the music were absolutely phenomenal. I feel like there were a few moments where the episode dragged a bit, especially in episode two. However, I feel like the overall story is really interesting and it’s keeping me engaged. Not to mention, of course, the characters are really important. I’m really excited to see where we go with this new galaxy that we’re about to learn of in the next episode. So stay tuned for the next breakdown. I hope you enjoyed episode one. Make sure to leave a like on the bid and let’s begin with episode two.

Ahsoka Episode 1 Breakdown THANK YOU DAVE FILONI was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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