A Tropical Cyclone Explosion Is Happening…

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A Tropical Cyclone Explosion Is Happening… YouTube Video

A Tropical Cyclone Explosion Is Happening… YouTube Video Description

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In this video we are talking about tropical storm Hilary, new tropical storms in the Atlantic & our heat dome…

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A Tropical Cyclone Explosion Is Happening… Automated Transcript By Speak

Welcome back y’all. Ryan Hall here with the weather forecast. Tropical storm Hillary made landfall in the Baja California area just early yesterday. And then all of that moisture has been going over the southwestern US for a period of two days now.Uh and we do have significant flash flooding going on out here. It’s exactly the way that we thought it would go. Here’s a look at Dodger Stadium last evening. Um You can see that the parking lot around the field is completely flooded and there’s a lot of scenes like this coming out of places in and around Los Angeles. Ok. So this is from Kesq. We’ve got trucks uh covered in floodwaters. A lot of swift water rescues going on out there. But thankfully, uh right now, as we’re speaking, uh the heaviest rain has started to let up out here, ok. So we got a lot of flooding still going on, but we’re not expecting it to get much worse. Here’s the track of what’s left of post tropical cyclone Hillary. It’s just gonna be a depression by the time it makes it up uh into the Tristate region between Nevada, Oregon and Idaho by 11 a.m. on Monday, which is right around the time this video is gonna go up, we’re really gonna lose sight of this storm as it goes off to the north. It’s still gonna bring some heavy rain to Washington, Idaho and western portions of Montana all the way up into Canada.

But it’s really not gonna be anything crazy at all. What is crazy? However, is the explosion of tropical activity that’s currently happening in the Atlantic Basin. So, since the last time, me and you have talked, we’ve had three new tropical storms form. We’ve got Emily Gert and Franklin now all in our main development region. And then there’s two more areas of interest that are just about to become tropical storms just off the coast of Africa and down here in the Gulf of Mexico, check out our latest satellite imagery here with the tropical tracks. This is Franklin. You can see that swirl very well, but there’s not a lot of deep convection. So this isn’t a strong storm at all right now and it’s expected to fizzle out as it moves off to the north and really just becomes a fish storm. Tropical storm, Gert is also expected to kind of fizzle out as it goes off to the west, not really affecting the lesser antilles much at all. There’s a little bit of a different story with Franklin. Ok. Franklin is a tropical storm right now with wind speeds around 50 miles an hour and wind gusts up to 65 and it’s expected to continue to be a tropical storm by the time it gets over here to Port Au Prince.

So this is likely going to cause some life threatening flooding in Haiti and the Dominican Republic as it goes over the island here. Uh And then it’s gonna recurve back to the north and east a little bit and continue to strengthen. Uh In fact, we’re expecting this to get to category one status by the time it makes it out into the middle of the ocean here where once again, this looks like it’s going to be a fish storm. The three tropical systems that have names right now, don’t look like they’re going to affect uh the United States much. We’re just really concerned about the Caribbean here, especially in the Dominican Republic. That’s just mainly for flash flooding. Ok. So let’s come back on the land here and track the forecast over the next week and a half or so. Here. We are currently with the leftover uh moisture from Hillary and the west and our developing a tropical system in the Gulf. And now, I don’t think this becomes a tropical storm before it makes landfall simply because there’s not enough time, but this is still going to bring an incredible amount of tropical moisture into southeastern Texas. Uh In fact, this is gonna be uh maybe another flash flooding situation for extreme southern Texas. So make sure you guys are watching out for that.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like much of that moisture is going to be brought up into the South Central plains, which is something that we were hoping for before. Notice how all of the moisture from Hillary is SCADA around the central plains as well. And this is because of our massive ridge that’s out here. We’re not going to see a drop of rain in the near future in places like Kansas and Missouri. Uh literally look at that ring of fire. You can literally see all of the moisture uh purposefully missing uh the hard of the country here because of that huge high pressure ridge that is in place. Now, that’s going to continue for quite some time and that’s probably gonna bring some strong storms up into the northeast as a result of the leftover energy from Hillary. Uh But um eventually that ridge is going to collapse on itself and we will see a return uh to getting some moisture in the central and southern us, ok. So it’s not forever. Uh But we do have to deal with the dry air and the hot air uh for quite some time here in the central US. Here’s a better look at that high pressure ridge on the 500 millibar heights on the Euro model.

You can see all of the yellow and orange there represents where the heat dome is in place. And speaking of temperatures, of course, we have to talk about that a bit. Everyone in the light browns and purples here uh are expected to be over 100 degrees this afternoon and just notice how the 100 degree temperatures kind of expand as we go into Tuesday as well. That is some a of heat down there in Texas, but also up into Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota as well. Things are gonna get even hotter as we go into Wednesday. Seriously, everybody in this bubble right here is going to be dealing with uh potentially, you know, life threatening heat. We don’t want to undermine the heat here. I know a lot of us, especially the farther south we go are used to the heat, but this is the kind of stuff that causes dehydration, um heat stroke and all that stuff, especially because there’s gonna be a lack of humidity. Some people may not notice right off the bat that they’re getting burnt to a crisp.

So just make sure you’re paying attention and you’re checking in on, you know, elderly neighbors and stuff who may not have air conditioning working at the time that this is the kind of heat wave that does cause serious problems like that. Um And then of course, at 5 p.m. on Thursday, we still see all of the heat hanging around here in the South central us, but watch what happens is I go into the future eventually it does subside a little bit. Now, we’re still dealing with it in the deep south, but we get quite a bit of a break. I would say, as we get into Wednesday of next week around August 30th, as our high pressure ridge finally gives up and dies out. Now, what does that mean outside of us? Just losing the massive heat that we’re gonna see? Well, it is going to bring back the opportunity for some storms whenever we get the jet stream dipping down. Uh like this, we’re likely to see several rounds of uh rain and thunderstorms move down from North Dakota down through the Great Lakes and into the Ohio Valley and Mid Atlantic regions. So we’ll be watching that as we go into the weekend. Uh And then of course, uh we do see the influx of tropical moisture making it back into the south Central US as well. This will allow for a lot of those scattered pop-up showers and thunderstorms during the day, like we’re used to seeing in the summer.

So things are really going to return to normal here. Uh But there’s gonna be a chance for some troughs to come in through the west coast and then barrel through the central US, which could bring some severe weather as we go into early September. Now, since we’re talking about maybe a return uh to severe weather in the US here. Um Fall tornado season, all that stuff is coming up. What’s the best way to be prepared for severe weather. Well, first of all, subscribing to this channel is a good option. But the number one way, the thing that I’ve always recommended is getting a Noah weather radio. Ok. You can get one of these bad boys right here. Uh, you can put it, um, on your bedside, you can put it in the hallway, you put it pretty much anywhere you want in the house and this acts like a smoke detector. But instead of going one off, whenever the house catches fire, it goes off when there’s a tornado warning, whenever there’s a flash flood warning or, or something that you need to know about and it’ll wake you up. These things are loud and they work, even when the power goes out, you slap some batteries in there, this antenna is gonna pick up a signal from the local National Weather Service office and that’s where they issue the warnings.

So the wr 400 here is the really nice one, but we’ve also got some wr one T 20 which are much more affordable and they do a lot of the same things. So if you want a no weather radio right now is the time to get one. You can go over to my site uh shop hall dot com. There’s a link at the top of the description and you can buy one of these. But when you check out, make sure you use the discount code. Don’t be scared, be prepared, no spaces, no apostrophes, anything like that just don’t be scared, be prepared. Uh And you’re gonna get 10% off one of these weather radios here. Ok, so that’s all I have for you today guys. Thank you for watching. I really appreciate all the support and I will see you in the next one. Goodbye.

A Tropical Cyclone Explosion Is Happening… was transcribed automatically by Speak. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the transcript. All rights and credit are given to the creator of the video.

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