6 girls vs 1 secret boy

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6 girls vs 1 secret boy YouTube Video

6 girls vs 1 secret boy YouTube Video Description

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claire: https://www.instagram.com/crispyshoujo/
heniya: https://www.instagram.com/niyaaabiyaaa
kacey: https://www.instagram.com/kaceyfifield
mia: https://www.instagram.com/heyymiia/
natt: https://www.youtube.com/@nattistaken
saing: https://www.instagram.com/imjustsaing/

director: cole bacani
casting director: mark chandler
production coordinator: emma pek
equipment coordinator: pat saulo
assistant editor: jing yi goh
post-production coordinator: claire chung

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0:00 intro
0:12 round 1
5:04 round 2
9:11 round 3
10:36 round 4
12:47 final reveal

6 girls vs 1 secret boy Automated Transcript By Speak

I am a girl.

I am a girl. I

am a girl. I

am a girl. I

am a girl. I am a girl. I am a girl.

I’m Claire. I’m from Huntington Beach and I’m 24.

I’m, I’m 26 and I’m from

Inglewood. I’m saying, um, I’m 23 and I’m from Long Beach, California.

I’m Mia, I’m 19 and I’m from Pasadena, California.

I’m Celeste. I’m 19 and I’m from Culver City,

California. I’m Casey. I’m 18 and I’m from Los Angeles, California.

My name is Natalie, but you can call me Nat. I am from Washington. I recently moved here for work. But

yeah, for the most part my technique coming in with is like a more masculine take on it because if I was too girly, then it would be too obvious. What’s

everyone wearing?

I’m in some Sambas, black jeans and like a, like greenish top.

I’m wearing Levi’s, um, a like body suit and then dunks and little cardigan

too. I’m wearing like a purple skirt, like a white off the shoulder top kind of

let’s go like, what’s everyone’s shoe size? Oh,

I’m a size 10, 10, 10. And women are you 5 10. 0, yeah, that makes

sense. I’m a short girly. I’m 4 11 without these heels on, uh, on a good day. I five

four. I am wearing size 7.5. I think it’s pretty average for girls, I guess. I’m, I’m like 53. I’m a

size five

five. I’m 6 ft and I have a shoe size of nine. So I

like how we all just started sharing our eyes.

Can I ask you guys something? What’s like your biggest insecurity? Oh,

good question.

Hard hitting. I was suspicious of at first just because she seemed to be asking a lot of the questions and having a lot, a large role in the

discussion. I got a big go for it. I’m coming for everyone with a regular forehead because y’all sound like y’all got regular foreheads like I’m getting regular forehead energy

here laughing was a big thing for me. They were laughing a ton and I was trying to, I was trying to like it just didn’t work out. So yeah, I was

trying my best. I think the biggest thing for me is acne. I have it on my face and my back and it’s pretty bad, especially when I go want to go to the beach so it can be pretty annoying.

I have a I have another question. What’s your like usual go to

style for me? Not I think I would say like an urban like comfy style. I’m not super fancy as a person. So um yeah, I’d say urban comfy, whatever

is currently in style. I try to stick to that, but that’s how I

feel too. I mean, I try to keep mine just like Timeless, wearing Timeless like pieces that like keeping

it very

practical. I’m wearing a tank top right now. So it works out. What

did you guys want to be when you were a little girl? And I really

wanted to be a veterinarian, Sam. I really loved animals. I still love animals. I was a horse.

I can relate to that. I actually, I have horses back in Washington. So, yeah, one of them is Damon Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo. Yeah, he’s horrible.

I assembled like a speech for certain questions but there were certain questions that were just completely off what they were like off the page like the horses thing. I just jumped in as soon as I could. I’m like, yeah, I have horses. I don’t have horses

for me. I’ve always wanted to be like a singer songwriter. So that’s what I’m trying to

do. Can you sing? So I’m assuming you can sing?

Yeah, I do. I write my own songs and I like, really?

Ok. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna be like your first fan.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

Casey’s voice is kind of high. So it, it did make me a little suspect. I’m like, she kind of sounds like a princess from a Disney movie. And that doesn’t just happened. I wanted to be an obstetrician gynecologist and, and then I got to UCL A and took chemistry and I was like, oh, we gonna switch that around or something else. Yeah, I was like, Bio Kim. I was like, oh, absolutely not. I’m a stand up comedian now though. I don’t know. That’s completely different than where we started.

It was almost like when, you know, somebody’s lying because they explain too much. That’s what it was like, ok, she, she planned this script out pretty well. So, so did you guys go to school like college or anything? I,

I graduated from like a small little school in Boston. Um It’s called the but it’s not really well known but yeah, so I was over there for four years and then this is like my first full year being back. Yeah.

Hey, do you think I’m gonna win this episode? Be sure. Hey, do you think I’m gonna win this episode? Be sure to like and subscribe and let’s get back to the video.

Actually, a three way tie.

We don’t trust each other. This

is, we will just move on to round two with all of

I have the first question, what was you guys’ first period? Like

we got to get down to the nitty gritty. Yeah. For

me, I knew what was going on because I read like the American girl doll books and everything. Yeah. For me. I was, it was over the summer before ninth grade and I was getting ready to go to track practice and then just half an hour I was like, oh, well, I guess I’m a woman now. I was like, I was kind of behind everybody else so I knew it was gonna come soon. So I was kind of ready for

it. I was in the sixth grade bathroom and I was freaking out and my friends are outside. So when I got home, I told my mom and she just like shoved me a pat and said, hey, try to like put this on and then here she never, I don’t know, it’s like maybe it’s an Asian thing. She just never talked to me about it. I

think I was in seventh grade. I’m pretty sure I was at home and I like went to the bathroom and I saw that there was blood and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t wanna call my mom for some reason. So I called my cousin. I was like, I don’t know what’s going on. Like help me. You never had to talk or anything? I did, which was like the funny part like, I don’t know. I, and then I eventually told my mom like, after her, but yeah, my cousin was the first one that

knew. So I was in seventh grade math class and it was super awkward. I was basically sitting at my desk I felt a really weird like sensation below my stomach and I was really confused because they were talking about interesting stuff in health class before that point. But eventually I just ran to the bathroom because I just didn’t feel good. Ok,

there’s no way one of you isn’t that girl all the time?

I had no idea about anything involving periods or anything like that. So I just went with it,

name something really specific that only a girl will get like specific. Don’t just say pad.

Um I have really insane cramps. So I have my on me at all

times. That’s my at

all times. I have to have it. And how

do you know your like how do you know when your periods coming? I have

really, really bad lower back pains and I’m like for like two days before and I always get the same pimple around my lip area on my

period. Is anyone irregular?

Well, I started birth control and like, it’s really screwed me up. Like I started the next plan on. So that’s something another girl like

has anybody had any scary experiences that they associate with being a woman?

0 100%. It’s really disgusting. Kind of what happens when you’re just existing as a woman. One time at a college party, a guy talked to me for like two seconds. And then the next day I found out that he was telling everyone that I slept with him um you say yes, as a woman, you’re a whore. You say no as a woman, you’re a prude. If you’re somewhere in between, people still find a way to hate you. So preach

to them. Yeah. I would say like the hyper vigilance required to like go places by yourself and there’s little things we do that I don’t know if everyone knows we do like, oh let me just pretend that I’m playing music in my ears. There ain’t no music playing.

Let me

just look down on my phone. Even on the screen be black, it becomes normal, but it really shouldn’t have to be a normal to always have to feel like you have to protect yourself like a force field.

Do you guys know anyone or like if you want to share it like that has experienced sexual assault?

Um I’ll, I’ll volunteer myself. I’ve came so far to be able to volunteer myself publicly and I’m proud of myself. I’ve experienced sexual assault and I think it does have a very like it hawks your, your growth as far as what you feel. You should be mentally as a woman. But there’s a lot of emotional and spiritual things that you have to do in order to fully evolve to, to even volunteer yourself is tri you to say that um acknowledge

that the word Survivor also is kind of like iffy for me because I feel like, oh, like, oh, I survived that like, you know, like, it’s almost like I’m pitting myself. I don’t know, I don’t even know what to call it. Like, Survivor and, like, I don’t even know. Like, it’s just weird.

Yeah. It’s any, any word that feels comfortable to you.

Uh, I made it past one round. That’s what I came in here to do today. I’m actually happy that I was the first one to vote it out. So, yeah.

Ok. To go a little bit deeper because I need to figure out who the wall is. How do you guys feel about abortion? Oh

um For me, I’m pro choice. I believe everyone has the decision to do whatever they want with their body and within pro choice also exists pro life. If you believe that you are pro life for yourself, I feel like

I would probably be pro life for my songs just because I, I don’t know, it’s scary to go through just a medical procedure.

If you don’t wanna do it, you don’t wanna do it if you do wanna get an abortion like you do like it’s fine. Like that’s the whole point of pro choice. I feel like,

and the government should be the ones deciding. So who’s

like a, like a good, like role model that you have like a woman, role model and like

um I don’t wanna be cliche but I’m gonna have to say my mother, oh Y’all thinking that too. Yeah, like she blows my mind is, is it truly flabbergast me? The things that moms do and they make it seem like it’s slight

work. My go to person is my dad. Like he is everything to me and he has taught me what it is to be an upstanding person society and to respect everyone. So I just, yeah,

if you wanna keep playing because you think the mole is in the box, raise your hand. 123.

OK, I’m suspicious of somebody. Ok. And I have a reason. Um, what’s up? So you were quiet during the abortion topic? And I just like, and like, you’ve been kind of really talkative recently, so like that kind of like red flagged me a little bit.

Oh, let me fix that up for you though. Um I also did, I mentioned that I am a survivor of assault. So abortion usually gets me really choked up. I feel like it’s my body and it’s my choice. So the whole conversation when I, when I debate about it, it, it does give me a little trigger. So I usually refrain from heavily like impactful, like my opinion of what I have to say about it. But I, I

girl OK, green flag.

Wait, Casey, were you the um songwriter? Yes.

OK. Can I ask you something, Casey? What is the, the metal U shape thing in your bra? Do you know what that’s called? I

don’t know what that’s called. I do not the underwire. Yeah. The underwear, the underwear. I thought you meant something else because that’s like on both cups. What’s

something that, like? You wish you didn’t experience as a woman or like,

I’m gonna go boob sweat. 00

my gosh. So real, so real mustache sweat.

When he asked the question about underwire on the bra? I didn’t know the answers. I was like, ok, they’re gonna vote me out. I knew it.

I’m gonna count to three. And if you want to keep playing because you think the mole is still in the box, you will raise your hand. 123.

Hey, you know, playing along and finding the mole is fun and all. But when I know what’s even more fun, finding pleasure within yourself,

are you wondering what that means? We’ll come a little closer and we’ll tell you

it’s self love and what’s so great is that everyone can experience it, explore what this looks like for you and all the wonders of self love with Lelo. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your journey. Now by using Coke Girls 30 for 30% off your first Lelo purchase because nothing says self love like treating yourself as your own lover. Thank you to Lilo for sponsoring this portion of the video. Now let’s get back to the video

box turns red. The Mole is still in the box and they win the cash prize for themselves. If the box turns green. You have correctly voted out the Mole and we’ll share the cash prize. Clocks turn three.

No. See, it’s, it’s a weird experience but it starts here. It’s cool. It goes 10 987654


Oh my God.

Oh my God. That looks like he was in like high school musical or something like camp rock. So when I opened my eyes and saw Zach Efron, I was like, OK, you got me like, I really feel like I’ve been

bamboozled. I do a youtube channel and I used to do like omega content and then some gaming stuff. And so yeah, that’s what I do.

I am flabbergasted, ask a


of being 64. I felt like I was already out of my element. So I had to like, go in there and try to be somebody that I’m not,

I was scared coming into this because I didn’t want to fall into stereotypes because I know I don’t want people to stereotype me. I don’t want like, no one wants that. No one wants to be assumed. I was thinking

about just busting out different

voice. It’s like, oh my God, you have

got accent too.

Oh, no, I got you because like, I do an Australian but I always to do like a, it’s, it’s quite weird. You should be a voice

actor. I, I was thinking about it. Yeah.

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