3 Reasons You Should Be Using Transcription Marketing

Transcription marketing makes content accessible, rank higher than competitors in search engines, and skyrockets engagement. Learn more today with Speak.

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The way marketers reach their target audience and produce content is constantly changing. Transcription marketing is the newest, and most efficient way to create quality content. It also makes the most of your time and resources—two things all marketers could use a little more of.

Transcribing video and audio makes content more accessible, helps increase search engine rankings over competitors, and skyrockets engagement with your audience. In the digital age, these are three extremely important goals for any marketing strategy. Maintaining a credible position alongside your competitors will always be a priority.

It’s as easy as having a conversation. Transcription services like Speak can be used in-app to record audio and video on the go so that all you need to worry about is having a great conversation. Let Speak do the rest. Written content is not easy to mass-produce, but people are great at talking to each other. Transcribing conversations is an easy, repeatable content generation strategy, so just hit record then send it our way. You have found a powerful, automated way to market.

If you’re not sold purely on the convenience and value of transcription marketing, here are the three main reasons to get on board.

Transcription Marketing Helps Make Accessible Content

The great thing about audio and video files is that it gives people different ways to consume your content. It’s important to make sure these files are fully accessible to the widest variety of people. You can target a much wider audience if your content is available to people of different abilities, from those who are hard of hearing to visually impaired.

Increase your compliance with accessibility standards and open up your content to a valuable audience. Go above and beyond the bare requirements to set your content apart by using transcription marketing strategy. With Speak, you receive SRT and VTT format transcriptions, and this lets you take advantage of video captioning. Your videos will be more accessible and enjoyable for those of varying abilities. 

Right now, over 80% of videos on social media are being watched without sound. This may be a symptom of social media scrolling, so keep your content attractive and easy to consume or else it may get left behind.

Speak can also translate your transcriptions instantly, letting users who speak and read different languages to engage with your content. Marketing transcription opens a ton of doors when it comes to reaching larger audiences. Social media posts made with your transcripted, translated content can be shared into online communities and extend your organic reach.

Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

Transcribing audio and video files and posting the transcript online massively improves your search engine rankings. It brings relevant keywords to Google’s attention by improving your page’s searchability and driving engagement. Experienced marketers know how important it is to rank high and stand out in search engines. This makes you more popular and competitive, and more likely to be suggested by Google.

Speak gives you valuable insights on your content, which helps in a bunch of ways. Speak automatically finds and lists the topics, keywords and brands from files to give you a better understanding of the content you’re posting online. Get your targeted keywords, blog categories and tags with each transcription. This makes organizing your blog posts and structuring your metadata faster and more efficiently. Discover what aspects of your content are or aren’t leading to engagement and search engine rankings.

It can take up valuable time trying to find soundbites or remember certain conversations when you're dealing with a lot of recorded content. Transcripts and captions allow you, and your users, to easily find keywords and quotes. This is a helpful tool for creating short messages to spread across social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Get a reader or viewer’s attention with a short, catchy quip from your content. Then, direct them to the full version on your web page.

Make Your Content More Engaging

Dynamic and original content makes your message more interesting and memorable for readers and viewers. Pages with audio and video increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Again, it’s key to give people different ways to consume your content because some may prefer reading over watching or listening, and the other way around. Transcription marketing encourages readers to digest the content their way and adds value for watchers and listeners. Viewers can follow along with videos and better understand the information being communicated. They can also easily pass on tidbits of this information in text form to coworkers and friends. You can also do this at the early stages of transcription—send your results to your team members and editors to collaborate easily.

User experience is key when marketing web pages and web content. Transcription marketing covers all your bases for a low cost. High-quality content writers can call for more than $100 an hour and take several hours to do one good blog post. Compared to creating completely original content, transcribing a conversation is less expensive and more effective. Use this transcription for lead generation and more direct calls to action.

Get Started & Order Your Transcription Today

Speak offers a free demo option if you’re not entirely sold on the benefits of transcription marketing. Engaging marketing starts with efficiency. Save your content creators (and yourself) valuable time in the marketing strategy process by transcribing your existing content and making the most of your messaging.

Check out Speak’s different packages: Automated Transcription, Human Transcription, and Express Human Transcription. The basic Automated Transcription package will still get you all the analytics and insights you need to ensure your content is reaching its full potential. It will also locate those valuable keywords and metadata needed for search engine optimization. Human Transcription will ensure the absolute accuracy for viewers and readers who want to follow along to your content word-for-word.

Content creation doesn’t need to come at the expense of time and money that could be put toward content strategy online and offline. Incorporate transcription marketing to give you added value, assets, and competitive edge.

Top-Rated AI Meeting Assistant With Incredible ChatGPT & Qualitative Data Analysis Capabilities​

Join 150,000+ individuals and teams who rely on Speak Ai to capture and analyze unstructured language data for valuable insights. Streamline your workflows, unlock new revenue streams and keep doing what you love.

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